Physician Celebration

It has been a good week for celebrating doctoring. The week started with a dinner in honor of the winners of our Patients’ Choice award, and ended with our health system’s third annual “Harvest Moon” physician celebration.  The latter is a social event designed to allow all of our affiliated physicians the chance to get together for an evening devoted to nothing more complicated than getting to know one another better.

As you can imagine, in a system as large as ours there is considerable diversity within the physician community, and some of the distinctions among us are pretty familiar: primary care vs specialty; community practice vs hospital practice; voluntary vs employed; young vs old. Mindful of that, here’s what I said to the crowd of over 800 physicians, medical students and guests:

“As the representative of the employed physician group, I want to take this opportunity to remind all of us that there is much more that connects us as a community of physicians than there is that separates us.

“What we share transcends our business relationship with the North Shore LIJ Health System

“We share:

  • A commitment to our patients
  • A dedication to the practice of medicine
  • A belief that physicians must be at the center of our collaborative efforts to redesign care in pursuit of better care for individuals, better health for the population we serve and lower costs

So thank you all for coming this evening to celebrate our connections this evening.”

Dr Nash- Group - Harvest Moon  -

Harvest Moon Group 2

Fun night!

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