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  1. Ending FFS, to me, seems very siimilar to a utopian(Thus impractical plan. In the Plymouth Colony, the ‘communal’ garden failed; insufficient food was grown. It was changed by the Mayflower’s Captain(who was the leader of the Colony) to separate family plots. Only then was enough food grown. In Russia, the individual family/personal plots almost always produced more per are/hectare than the communal plots.

    Human beings respond to rewards more than to punishments-we are not subject to ‘Pavlovian’ training, especially not in this country. If I work harder, or faster, or produce more, I
    expect to be rewarded. Otherwise, I (like all humans) produce the absolute minimum, or I ‘game’ the system, or I make excuses, or otherwise do as little as possible to obtain the ‘usual’

    I worked as a part-time hospitalist in a Southern New England hospital. One of the hospitalists
    left each day by 1400(2 PM). When one of ‘his’ patients developed a problem within ‘normal shift hours’ he always told me, “I’m not in the hospital now.” When I reminded him his ‘shift’ wasn’t over, he always repliced, “I’m out of the hospital. I’ve seen all my patients today.” He never refused to return, but repeated the above. One day, I visited one of ‘his’ patients. She asked me, “Where is that nice doctor of mine?” I described him to her; she agreed it was him.
    She said, “He always sat down and talked to me.” I asked her if he examined her(with specific
    questions about heart, lung, and other exams). She responded, “No.” Such is the future of no
    FFS medicine…. Plumbers, Auto mechanics, attorneys(non-legislators) ALL have FFS. YES,
    in medicine, there are problems with FFS; BUT as with Plumbers, Auto mechanics, et cetera we have methods for to punish those performing shoddiy plimbing and un-needed or shoddy auto repairs (but, thanks to lack of enforcement by state bar organizations and shunning of ‘lawyers whom sue lawyers,’ we have no ability to sue attorneys for ‘legal nalpractice.’

    In summary, if society wants health care to ‘work’ like the Veteran’s Affairs Health System does(n’t) or the IHS does(n’t), or any other Federal hospital program does(n’t), by all means, get rid of FFS.

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