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The Future of Medical Practice

I had the opportunity last week to talk and learn about the future of office-based medical practice. The occasion was my participation in a panel discussion sponsored by a manufacturer of equipment for medical offices. A professional facilitator conducted a day-long interactive interview of 6 panelists, strategically selected from non-competing health care markets across the country. We talked about what was going on nationally, regionally and in our own organizations in order to provide a context for the sponsor’s strategic planning.

Much of what we talked about centered on the transition from “volume to value,” the catch-phrase for the movement away from fee-for-service to some form of quality-based payment system. The content of the discussion reminded me of the saying that “the future is already here, it’s just not distributed evenly yet.” Physician leaders from west-coast organizations described a landscape of capitated payments and “accountable care” that we talk a lot about but have not yet lived in a significant way. A representative of an institution in Boston spoke of a more highly consolidated provider community. Those stories were interesting, but not entirely novel. Here are a few things that were:

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Physician Alignment

I recently participated in a small conference devoted to “physician alignment in the academic medical center.” The meeting was sponsored by a health care consulting firm, and drew about a dozen participants from around the country. The title refers to ways in which academic centers figure out how to work with their traditionally autonomous if not completely independent physicians to advance the institutional mission. An informal format allowed us to share (war) stories from our respective institutions and learn from each other. The ground rules included confidentiality (“what happens in Nashville stays in Nashville”), so I won’t disclose any specifics, but a few themes emerged that are worth sharing.
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