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Looking for the Pony

There is an old gag about an intensely optimistic child whose bright outlook on life is so irrepressible that when he is presented with a room full of manure for Christmas, he screams with delight, convinced that there “must be pony in there someplace.” Continue reading Looking for the Pony

Violence Prevention

As I suspect is the case with many of you, I find it hard to keep up with all the medical journals that cross my desk. It is especially hard when the latest issue of Car and Driver also crosses my desk, but that is another story. So, generally speaking, the journals pile up. When the pile gets too high, I either skim them “in bulk” or just declare defeat, throw the pile out, and start over again. Despite the general pattern, there is one item in one journal that I read in “real-time”: the “On Being a Doctor” column in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Continue reading Violence Prevention