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Engaging Patients

Patient satisfaction is hot. Major payers, including the federal government have linked hospital payment to institutional performance on patient surveys of their experience with care, and are poised to do the same with physician payments. There is a proliferation of commercial websites for patients to offer up their reviews of physicians and to check out the ratings already there. An entire industry of consultants has appeared to help institutions improve how patients experience the care they provide. Hospitals and health systems, including our own, have hired Chief Experience Officers. Continue reading Engaging Patients


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It straddles the secular and spiritual, and has evolved into a celebration of family in a way that our other national holidays have not. The food is great too!

For many years, my wife and I have happily traded the work of hosting for the hassle of travel, and we have developed our own family traditions. Among them is a reading, right before we dig in to dinner, of something evocative of the meaning of “thanksgiving.” Continue reading Thanksgiving