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Memorial Day

Last year I pointed out that Memorial Day was slipping in our collective consciousness from a day of solemn remembrance of those who died in the service of our country to just another “vacation Monday” or the marker of the start of the Summer season.

A recent experience reinforced for me just how important it is for us to make sure we never lose the deeper meaning of the day.

My wife and I traveled to Washington, DC a couple of weeks ago to witness the “arsenal of democracy” flyover. The event included over 50 WWII warplanes, and coincided with the 70th anniversary of “V-E (Victory in Europe) Day” – the defeat of Germany by Allied Forces. As an airplane buff, I found the flyover stirring. It was an historic opportunity to see the “warbirds” aloft, flying in formation, instead of on the pages of history books or on static display in a museum.

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Memorial Day

What do you associate with Memorial Day? The unofficial start of Summer? Traffic heading east on the LIE? Barbeques?  The Indianapolis 500? Sales at your favorite retail store? How many of us think first of what the day is named for – honoring the memory of those who fell in the service of our country? Continue reading Memorial Day